The variety of avocado which are cultivated by our farmers in Tanzania is Hass variety and it’s mostly cultivated for commercial purpose. Hass avocado has important nutritional and medicinal properties due to their high oil content, protein content, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The shelf life of the fruit takes about 4 week from harvesting to the ripening under controlled environments.

Our avocados are grown organically without artificial pesticides, genetic modification and fertilizers.

Avocado Tanzania  mainly imports its avocados from its own nurseries in the heart of the southern highlands of Tanzania, which is the place where avocados naturally grow best. We offer “farm-to-plate” traceability for our main product lines.

Avocado Tanzania has a critical concern to traceability, food safety, and quality. The quality management system starts from input receiving like avocado seedling, farm implements and production processes. Avocado Tanzania uses Global G.A.P and SMETA Certification  standard and guidelines, to ensure the quality and safety of avocado production. In addition, the company also have strong linkage with Tanzanian Food Standard Authority and food safety regulatory bodies in monitoring standards and certification. Avocado Quality Control and traceability is passionate in ensuring the highest standards of quality to our customers