Avocado Tanzania  your specialist for the delivery of Hass Avocados !

“This really is a good team!“

Those were the first words of our contact person in the Chamber of Commerce when we first started sharing our beautiful adventure.

And that’s right… we are entrepreneurs from Tanzania speak the (local) language and know the culture like no other. With a large network in agriculture and cooperation with large commercial avocado farmers in the south and north of Tanzania, we are able to deliver the tastiest avocados of the highest quality to you all year round.

Attention, communication, customer focus and innovation are our core values.


To accelerate economic development of smallholder farmers through exporting of avocado from Tanzania to the European market.


Avocado cultivation requires a lot of water. Thanks to a long and intensive rainy season, there is plenty of water available at our nurseries.


All Avocado Tanzania  growers grow their avocados with respect for nature. Tanzanians are proud of their beautiful country.


Avocado Tanzania  supports various local projects. This varies from education to facilitating sports clubs in the region.

Quick Delivery

We only grow our avocados in Tanzania, which is why our lines are short. In the Netherlands we work with recognized forwarders, together with them we ensure that the delivery arrives at the desired location.

Sorting and packing

Our avocados are cleaned, sorted and packed in 4 kg boxes in a warehouse with packing line.


Transport from Tanzania to the Netherlands takes place by sea-going vessels where the ripening is stopped. We deliver to the door of the store.

Our partners :